Speech Therapy 101, Inc. - Empowering Parents
Parent Testimonials

Cori, R., San Francisco, CA
"Kim is very knowledgeable, very patient, and made learning fun.  She was also a great resource for suggesting at-home work I could do with him.  Our son made great progress with her help.  Thanks Kim!"

Theresa, L., San Francisco, CA
"Since Kim has been working with our son, I've noticed a marked improvement in his overall speech. She uses sign language, music, books and play therapy to help with his speech. She's patient and really tries to cater each session to his needs and what motivates him the most. My son loves working with her. I highly recommend her."

Jill, B., San Francisco, CA
"We have been working with Kim for about a month and are already seeing improvements. I love that she keeps an open and ongoing dialog with us about what is working and not working both in session and at home. The best part is that our son really, really likes her. He is a shy little guy and my one and only requirement for therapy was that it be a positive experience. I am so glad that we found Kim and Speech Therapy 101."

Yolanda, V., San Francisco, CA
"My first student had Kim Scott for a Speech Therapist, and she is great! Not only does she give you a lot of feedback, but she also helps teachers find ways to help support the child both in the home and school setting. With my other student  I was lucky enough to have her again, and my student benefited a lot from her help. She is friendly, great to work with, knows her practice well, and flexible (she even came to our school!)."

Elisabeth, M., San Francisco, CA
"I met Kim Scott at a workshop she did for Support for Families. What drew me to her workshop was that it was designed to help parents find ways to help their child at home. It was exactly what we needed. My daughter had been through several speech therapists, none were helpful or able to connect with her in order to see her speech patterns. I was able to see them at home, but had run out of ideas for how to work with her. The workshop was extremely informative and for the first time, I saw in Kim a Speech Therapist who understood that connecting with children is the key to engaging them and helping them to speak."

Diane, S., San Francisco, CA
We had the good fortune to benefit from Kim's expertise with our son's expressive language delays for a year and a half, and with our daughter's issues for about 6 months, and are tremendously grateful for the progress they both made in that time. I highly recommend her!